Partnership with Weddington United Methodist Church

After the success with the children at Benton Heights Elementary School, I wanted to expand the H.I.L.L Project.  I learned through a friend that Weddington United Methodist Church (Monroe Campus) was working with Latino children in after school programs.  The efforts were being led by Reverend Rocio Avila-Ramirez.  On February 2, 2020 I met with Reverend Rocio and we agreed to partner on our common goal:  Literacy and Learning for Latino Children.  The church has a program called "Homework Help" which meets twice a week to assist Latino children with their work.  The H.I.L.L. Project contribution was to provide high school volunteers in advanced Spanish level courses to work with the children.  This was a need for the church after school program.  On Tuesday February 18, 2020 our partnership officially kicked-off.  Through February and March we met twice a week and I am proud to say that we have over 10 high school volunteers participate in "Homework Help".