In March 2020 the corona virus known as COVID-19 stopped everything.  Unfortunately, schools closed and after school programs did as well.  With sadness the progress being made with the children had all come to standstill.  Without the ability to contact the children I reached out to Reverend Rocio and told her that the H.I.L.L. Project wanted to do a book drive so that children can continue reading during the down time and over the summer.  Reverend Rocio embraced the idea and mentioned that the church was hosting a food drive  for the families in Monroe and would love to include books for the children.  The H.I.L.L. Project hosted a book drive by reaching out to friends via social media and proudly gathered over 140 books for the kids.  On Sunday May 23rd the books were delivered to Reverend Rocio so that they can be included in the food drive.


I am elated to announce that on September 7th.......WE ARE BACK!!  COVID-19 slowed down The H.I.L.L. Project but will NEVER keep the us down.  This is a mission for life!!  We are partnering once again with the United Methodist Church in Monroe and will continue the great work that was interrupted.  The Volunteers are READY and we are eager to get back on track.

Left:  Reverend Rocio Avila- Ramirez.  Right: Alexa Suarez